Replacement car cover for Audi Chauffeurs

PD-web-audi-a8Chauffeurs leasing an Audi under the 2011 Audi Chauffeur Programme will be automatically covered for one year by Greenlight Absolute, provided by leading legal expenses insurer Proximo.

Greenlight Absolute provides chauffeurs with either a replacement vehicle or cash payment following a fault or non-fault accident, adding to a range of sector specific benefits offering legal protection when needed. The cover can be renewed for years two and three of the lease if required.

A Proximo spokesman said: “Using our experience and expertise within the Private and Public Hire markets, Proximo have once again delivered a market first. Combining the cover you need to ensure you have a vehicle on the road, or a cash payment while your vehicle is being repaired, along with protection to support you through legal disputes relating to your job, you can rely on Absolute cover to keep you moving.”

The Greenlight Absolute service offers:

Replacement vehicle for non-fault and fault accidents

Optional cash payment for fault accidents

Local Authority licence protection

Motor prosecution legal defence

Motor contract dispute protection

Tax investigation cover

Personal injury cover

Recovery of policy excess

Accident repair

Recovery of uninsured losses

24-hour legal helpline service


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