Chauffeurs enjoy Farnborough ‘oasis’

PD-P14-Farnborough-picChauffeurs working at July’s Farnborough Air Show were able to find welcome refreshments in Car Park 1, courtesy of Licensed Carriage Hire, Platinum Assist and Aston Scott.

Free coffee, tea, snacks and cold drinks were available from a trailer located in Car Park 1 – where most chauffeurs waited to collect VIP visitors to the biennial show. And as well as food and drink, the chauffeurs could get a good look at the new Jaguar XJL – Jaguar brought one along and parked it next to the stand.


Professional Driver was there too – copies of our recent issues were available for chauffeurs to read. The refreshment stand proved a vital oasis in a week when the weather swung between blistering heat and torrential rain. And the stand gave waiting drivers a great view of the flying display, including the new Boeing 787 and the legendary Vulcan bomber.


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