Ford offers eco-driver training through Econo Check scheme

Ford is offering a 90-minute AA DriveTech economy driving course to customers of its Econo Check fuel monitoring device at a reduced price of £79.99, including VAT.

The Econo Driver Training course is dedicated to fuel economy driving tuition. The driver training is provided throughout the UK by highly qualified instructors from AA DriveTech, a division of the AA Group responsible for corporate and business driver development training.


Paul Holmes, fleet director, AA DriveTech, said: "With the AA predicting that fuel prices will reach record levels by January, there has never been a better time to hone your driving skills and reap the rewards."

The Econo Check service consists of a 35-point vehicle inspection at a Ford dealer and the installation of a small data logger which monitors driving style and fuel economy for seven days. Professional Driver tested the system in our June edition.

After the Ford Econo Check data logger is removed, a personalised report highlights four areas for possible driving-style improvements: speed, anticipation, braking and gear change. The Econo Driver Training course then targets the specific issues highlighted on a customer's report.

Andy Barratt, director, Ford Customer Service Division, Ford of Britain, said: "Ford Econo Check customers now have the option to enhance their eco-driving skills by taking advantage of this brilliant programme. It's a great opportunity to save money, as well as to reduce your impact on the environment."

The 90-minute, one-to-one Econo Driver Training course is available for Econo Check customers from £79.99 (including VAT).

Customers can book a Econo Check via For information about the Econo Driver Training course, visit


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