High mileages and used cars for Volvo’s radical chauffeur programme

PD-web-Volvo-S80 300 Volvo Car UK has launched a new chauffeur programme, including contract hire terms of up to 50,000 miles a year. And used cars will be included, a first for the chauffeur market, as well as replacement licensed cars anywhere in the UK.

The programme, which went live on March 1, is centred around the Volvo S80 executive saloon, which won Professional Driver’s Car of the Year title in 2012. For a new S80 D3 SE GT, Volvo is offering non-maintenance contract hire at £394 per month over 36 months, with 6 payments up front followed by 35, based on 50,000 miles per year (a total of 150,000 miles).

The S80 is already a firm favourite with companies such as Tristar Worldwide. But a range of other Volvos, including S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70 and XC90 will also be included.

Selwyn Cooper, VCUK national sales operations manager, said the chauffeur programme has been designed to appeal to smaller companies as well as the large operators: “We undertook extensive research to really understand the needs of the market and discovered aftercare and an attractive used offering figured highly on the lists of many.”

He continued: “We received comments repeatedly that chauffeurs didn’t want to just buy a vehicle or be sold a car, they wanted a fully rounded service. We set about designing a product which met the requirements of all chauffeur operators with the ability to tailor-make to match individual needs.”

The Volvo chauffeur programme will offer used cars with the same support package as for new cars. And the used cars will only be drawn from the Tristar fleet. These vehicles, mainly silver or black V70 and S80 D3 SE GT models, are currently on 6-month, 30,000 mile contracts. They will be offered to chauffeurs at a fixed price with costs for the extra equipment included. Sample pricing will be supplied every month.

Funding will be through Volvo Car Leasing, which can offer contract hire to hire and reward companies for this programme on new cars. Also Chauffeur specialist Ethos Finance will be able to offer asset finance on both new and used cars.

Volvo’s Business Centres will become accredited chauffeur centres in return for a commitment to certain service levels. The Business Centres will have exclusive access to the ex-Tristar used cars. The Business Centres will also offer service and maintenance on a pre-booked, while-you-wait basis. A courtesy car can be offered for mobility like any other customer, but not a licensed car.

However, a replacement licensed car will be offered for fault and non fault incidents, via a 12 month policy with Proximo which is part of the bundle on both new and used cars. If a car is off the road for an accident or warranty work awaiting a part, then Proximo can supply a Volvo either same day or following day depending on distance, fully licensed for their local area for the duration. 72 hour demos will be offered, but not with licensed cars.

An extra offer is a Roadhawk “black box” in-car camera worth £300 – a front-facing system to record journeys and helpful to counteracts “cash for crash”, and liability court cases. per unit and becoming more popular in the chauffeur market. 

Cooper added: “The new product is not just about selling chauffeurs a car but about building long-term relationships with them. We are confident our product will make us stand out from the competition and together with the accolades awarded to the S80 last year will entice a high number of chauffeurs and chauffeur companies to the brand.”


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