Toyota recalls 5,000 UK 2009 Prius hybrids

PD-website-news-Toyota-Prius-recallEco-chauffeurs and private hire operators running Toyota Prius hybrids may need to get their cars down to their local dealership in order to fix a potentially dangerous brake problem.

Toyota has recalled 242,000 third-generation Prius hybrids worldwide, including 5,000 in the UK. The problem affects third generation Prius models built between March to October 2009. Vehicles could experience greater stopping distances when braking because of a design flaw in a brake part, Toyota said.

Toyota said no accidents have been reported, but the automaker has received 93 complaints from customers worldwide. Toyota will be contacting UK owners of the affected vehicles in the coming weeks by post. It will exchange the faulty part with a new one, which should take around three hours.

Vibrations during driving could cause cracks in the brake pressure accumulator, allowing nitrogen gas to leak into the brake fluid, which would make the brakes less effective. Toyota said in a statement: “The driver will become aware of the problem through a warning light illuminating on the dashboard. Should this occur, the vehicle should not be driven and owners should report the issue to their nearest Toyota Centre.”

It’s not the first time the Prius has had a brake problem. In 2010, Toyota had to recall 433,000 earlier-model hybrid vehicles globally because of a braking software fault.


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