York offers £3,000 grant for eco-taxis

PD website news  york eco taxiCity of York Council has launched a low emission taxi incentive designed to reduce air pollution in the city. The scheme aims to increase the numbers of energy-efficient taxis and minicabs in the area by offering drivers £3,000 towards the price of a low emission car as well as half-price taxi licensing.

To qualify for the grant, drivers must be registered to work in York and choose a hybrid or electric car that emits less than 100g/km CO2. Four drivers have so far taken up the offer, all buying hybrid Toyota Prius cars from Vantage Motor Group’s York dealership. The cars will be able to use the UK’s first ‘green’ taxi rank, reserved purely for hybrid or electric vehicles.

Darren Binge, sales manager at Vantage Motor Group’s York dealership, said: “Hopefully other councils will now follow in York’s footsteps to help the UK catch up with other countries that already promote eco-taxis.”


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