New CEO Cropper promises rapid growth at Climatecars

PD website news Climatecars Sam CropperSam Cropper has been appointed CEO at London eco-chauffeur Climatecars, following founder Nicko Williamson’s decision to take a back-seat in the business and develop new business ideas.

And the new CEO is talking up a four-fold increase in the size of the business. “It would be fantastic to help Climatecars become a real giant in the sector,” Cropper said. “Not simply for the kudos of achieving growth, but to show everyone that this business can be done well, to a high standard, while being environmentally friendly and great value. I see us doubling in size very quickly and then doubling again not long after that.”

Cropper’s background is finance and strategy, having worked within European corporate restructuring and corporate finance for several years. He has worked with AXA, John Laing, Kraft Foods and Ernst & Young. Originally from Leeds, the 29-year-old said: “I joined Climatecars after being impressed by the people involved and their motivation. I bring experience of very large organisations, a logical corporate approach and a desire to see Climatecars continue growing. Thrown in with the solid work of the people already here, the sky really is the limit.”

Cropper believes growth will be organic: “Existing clients keep giving us increasing amounts of work as they realise that they actually can affordably arrive on time and in style whilst still being environmentally friendly. That realisation is spreading around London as people move jobs and also as they see more and more of our cars. In turn, this is leading to more clients asking to work with us - a pattern that shows no sign of slowing.”

He added: “The key word for us at Climatecars is ‘sustainable’. In the same way that we want our fleet and fuel usage to be sustainable for the environment, we want our growth to be sustainable to ensure that service levels and value keep improving for our clients. This means we consider growth carefully and sensibly to avoid the 'too big, too fast' syndrome that is all too common in our industry.”

Williamson is staying on as Co-chairman of the company he founded in 2007, and now operates more than 100 hybrid Toyota Prius and Mercedes-Benz E-class cars. He said: “Sam's ability to learn incredibly quickly and just pick things up has meant a smooth and confident handover. We remain in the final stages of my transition to Chairman of the business and I am very much looking forward to staying involved but in the back seat, watching Sam grow the business and helping or advising where I can.”


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