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Addison Lee launches green division with WestOne Cars rebrand

PD web news peter boucher addison lee 300Addison Lee is launching into the London eco-chauffeur market via a rebrand of its subsidiary, West One cars. The move gives the new Addison Lee Eco division one of London’s largest fleets of Toyota Prius hybrids, and will allow the number one fleet to pick up more corporate business from firms that demand eco-compliant private hire transport.

Addison Lee Eco will run a fleet of 350 hybrid vehicles, pitching it directly against other major green” operators such as Greentomato Cars, GLH and Climatecars. Addison Lee bought WestOne Cars in 2013, after it went into receivership, but has continued running it as a separate stand-alone business.

The new division will use the company’s proprietary booking and dispatch system, which ensures that vehicles waste as little fuel as possible through unnecessary mileage.

The move swells Addison Lee’s fleet to 4,800 cars. Addison Lee Eco will sit alongside the corporate, VIP and international divisions, allowing the company to offer services designed for the widest possible range of passengers and businesses.

Addison Lee Eco will provide the same premium service enjoyed by all Addison Lee customers, with complimentary Wi-Fi available throughout the new fleet.

Peter Boucher, chief commercial officer of Addison Lee (pictured above), said: “The launch of Addison Lee Eco demonstrates our continued investment in green technologies and new service lines. As the private-hire sector evolves we continue to pioneer through technology to remain at the forefront of sustainable development within our industry.”


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