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Greentomatocars receives first hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai private hire vehicle

Toyota has handed over the first hydrogen-powered private hire vehicle in the UK to launch customer Greentomatocars.

Paul Van der Burgh, president and managing director of Toyota (GB), present the first car to Julia Thomas, managing Director of Greentomatocars.

Thomas said: “We are always researching and exploring the latest technology to provide our quality service in the most environmentally advanced vehicles. The Toyota Mirai is groundbreaking in its development of a hydrogen fuel process resulting in no harmful emissions, providing us with a cost effective, environmentally forward thinking and sophisticated vehicle for the future.”

Mirai uses hydrogen gas to generate electricity within a fuel cell stack, and produces no tailpipe emissions other than water. It has a range of around 300 miles and the refuelling process only takes about three minutes to complete.


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