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Cabbies launch legal challenge to “cycle superhighway”

The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) has launched a High Court challenge to London Mayor Boris Johnson’s “Cycle Superhighway”, which is being built on the Thames embankment.

The LTDA is asking Mrs Justice Patterson to grant it a judicial review against Transport for London and the mayor, arguing TfL should have sought planning permission before beginning construction, rather than allowinit to fall under permitted development rules.

LTDA general secretary Steve McNamara said the scheme was already seriously disrupting London’s traffic, and accused the mayor of rushing through his plans before the end of his term.

McNamara said: “Boris is implementing this scheme as quickly as he can before he leaves office at the end of April. It is being rushed through as his last hurrah. We don’t actually disagree that there should be a scheme, but we want to get the right scheme for London. The one being built is not right for our 24-hour city.”

He said a better route causing less disruption to the capital could be constructed through quieter streets south of the River Thames, but it would take too much time for Boris, who wanted “a result right now”.

Howard Carter, general counsel at TfL, said: “The East-West cycle superhighway will make London’s roads safer for all, particularly cyclists.”


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