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TfL quietly relaxes ULEZ range requirement

Transport for London has quietly wound back the range requirement for zero-emissions capability, which it plans to force on the private hire industry from 2020.

Previoulsy, TfL had stated that any plug-in car must have a zero-emissions range of at least 30 miles in order to be allowed to operate within the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (pictured) without paying a £12.50 daily fee.

But in a document issued to operators attending a TfL briefing last month, leaked to Professional Driver, TfL now states: “A zero emissions vehicle is defined as having a zero emissions range of at least 20 miles and must produce less than 75g/km CO2.”

This would mean more vehicles would be acceptable – though it still fails to address the major issue of infrastructure. If all London’s 70,000-plus PHVs were to switch to plug-ins, where would you charge them? TfL admits there are just 1,500 charge points at present in London, and there will be only 6,000 by 2018.


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