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New London Mayor

Sadiq Khan has announced plans to increase the size of London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone, and is looking to bring forward its introduction from 2020 to 2019.

Under Khan’s plans, which will now be subject to public consultation, the ULEZ will stretch from the north circular to south circular roads in London rather than just the much smaller central London congestion charge zone, as currently planned.

The proposals would more than double the size of the ULEZ, and could cause problems for private hire operators. Transport for London has already demanded that all PHVs be “zero-emissions capable”, and extending the ULEZ zone would make that less practical to achieve due to the lack of recharging infrastructure outside the city centre.
The mayor’s office also said an extra, unspecified charge on the most polluting vehicles would be brought in from 2017, which would be administered by the congestion charge system.
Khan said his predecessor, Boris Johnson, had left the city a “laughing stock” internationally on the London air quality issue. He said: “I have been elected with a clear mandate to clean up London’s air—our biggest environmental challenge.”


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