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New corporate image gives Addison Lee more up-market look

Addison Lee has unveiled a new corporate identity, replacing the familiar typography on the company’s fleet.

The new logo is an attempt to modernise a corporate ID that has been unchanged for 30 years or more. It gives the brand a more modern, up-market look, and is aimed at making the brand more accessible. “Some consumers don’t think you can use Addison Lee if you’re not a business customer,” says Andy Boland, who took over as CEO last year.

“And internally it’s a rallying call to better customer service. We are monitoring service scores, and we have introduced driver ratings on app & SMS bookings, and drivers’ pay improves when ratings are higher.”

The yellow and white logo has already been applied to some of Addison Lee’s courier vans, and an all-white version is being applied to the rear windscreens of the company’s private hire car fleet.


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