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Greentomatocars adopts driver safety telematics system

Greentomatocars has introduced Greenroad telematics technology in 300 of its cars to help it increase safety and improve driver behaviour.

The system monitors more than 150 different movements and detects when a driver performs a manoeuvre such as sharp cornering, swerving, harsh braking or sudden acceleration.

Drivers are alerted by a ‘traffic light’ system that sits on the dashboard – a green light means driving is safe, amber that it is straying away from the safest driving practices and a red light indicates that a risky manoeuvre has just been undertaken.

Greentomatocars managing director Julia Thomas (pictured) said: “Drivers have access to their performance via app and web per journey every day and in an industry where drivers can be waiting for their next passenger, this is well used. We can then view the progress of the fleet as a whole, and highlight drivers who may benefit from further one-on-one training.


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