Brunel standardises on Mercedes and Toyota

London-based executive chauffeur operator Brunel is switching its entire chauffeur fleet to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and has taken delivery of 25 New Mercedes-Benz E-class saloons as part of the move.

Managing director Anthony Edwards said a combination of the styling of the latest E-class and a much-improved Mercedes-Benz chauffeur programme was behind the decision. “We have taken the decision to harmonise our executive fleet, which now consists of E-class and S-class models,” he said. The company had been running some BMW 7-series and Volvo S80 saloons, but these are being sold. Brunel now has more than 175 E-classes on strength.

“One of the biggest reasons was the service we received from Mercedes-Benz’s Brian Luff, who is now running the chauffeur sector for Mercedes. He took the time to consult with us and adapted the chauffeur programme to our specific needs.”

Edwards added: “We will be looking closely at the new E-class hybrid, as like all companies within the chauffeur sector we look at how we can save on running costs and fulfil our customers and own requirements for greener transport.”

Brunel continues to grow its separate Brucar London private hire brand, and is standardising this fleet on the Toyota Prius. It currently operates more than 215 of the Toyota petrol-electric hybrids. Brucar’s Prius fleet has full leather interior, privacy glass and carries Brucar roof top and rear signage, as well as “BRU” number plates.

The adoption of new technology and what Edwards describes as “the best software package in the market” from Catalina now means most of Brucar’s business now comes via the company’s smartphone app, launched in May 2012. Brucar has also launched a loyalty programme for regular users called Brumiles, which has also helped grow the business over the past year, Edwards said.

The Brucar app uses ‘voucher’ codes to allow users to take promotional offers in order to receive discounts on bookings. The app allows customers to locate their car’s position via GPS and show other Brucar vehicles in the surrounding area.


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