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Please use this form to submit an entry for the 2017 Professional Driver QSi Awards.


QSi stands for Quality, Service and Innovation – and that’s what our judges will be looking for, whichever category you enter. There are 11 categories in the QSi Awards, so there’s bound to be something that fits your achievements.

Your main entry should consist of up to 1,000 words of text, and this should include all information you feel is necessary to support your entry in each category.

The information can be inputted directly on the form below, or if you prefer, uploaded as an attachment in Word or PDF form.

Supporting material may be supplied in addition to your main entry. Additional information can be uploaded in Word, PDF or for photographs, in JPG form.

All the information that you need to enter can be found within the category descriptions, as well as in our Entry Guide. View the entry guide here.

An entry is defined as one submission to one category. There is no limit to the number of categories you can enter. Please note the judges reserve the right to transfer your entry to another category.


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Table reservation - Register your interest

If you are shortlisted by the judges, you will be required to attend the awards ceremony in November 2017 - so make it worthwhile by registering your interest now.

Each table seats 10 - you and your guests will join hundreds to share in the success of the industry. Please register your interest below if you would like to attend. A member of our team will then get in touch to discuss your options.

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Rules for entry

  • Companies can submit entries for as many categories as they wish, as long as they are eligible.
  • The editor decides whether an entry is valid for a particular category.
  • The judging panel (chaired by Mark Bursa) has the right to withhold any award if, in its opinion, no entry is of a high enough standard.
  • Every care will be taken with material submitted but none can be returned and no responsibility will be accepted for any loss or damage.
  • Decisions by the judging panel are final.
  • Prodriver Media Ltd, the judges and sponsors of the QSi Awards 2017 shall not be held responsible for any legal proceedings arising from the entries or the statements made therein; nor can they accept responsibility for the veracity of statements made by entrants, although every care will be taken to check entries.

NB - The awards that do not require entry forms are decided by the judging panel.

Please support answers with marketing material, graphs and tables where appropriate and relevant facts/figures.


If you have any queries regarding the entry process please email editor@prodrivermags.com

Professional Driver QSi Awards: Entry Guidelines

Your entry should attempt to explain clearly why your company should win an award. It doesn’t need to be long – no more than 1,000 words. We want you to tell us your story – so put the emphasis on the positives!

If possible, the entry should be supported by images, website links, video clips, testimonials and promotional material – anything that helps show that your business is one of the best of the best.

The judges are looking for companies that stand out from the crowd, especially in the areas of Quality, Service and Innovation. For any of the Private Hire or Chauffeur Company categories, you’ll need to show how you address these issues:

QUALITY: Describe standards applied to your business that are designed to make it stand out from your local competitors. This could apply to vehicles, drivers, promotional materials and any other aspect of the business, including training and staff retention. Explain your formal training programs for drivers and support staff. Show examples of quality within the business with your supporting materials.

SERVICE: What successful approaches are used to improve customer service? Are your drivers delivering exceptional standards of customer care? Demonstrate high levels of satisfaction and customer loyalty with testimonials and customer surveys.

INNOVATION: What innovative ways do you employ to improve your business? This could include creative uses of new technology, fresh and different approaches to marketing or presentation of the business, or customer-driven ideas and initiatives that give your company a competitive edge.

In addition, for some of the categories, we’re looking for specific information:

Marketing Award

This category is open to all Chauffeur and Private Hire operators, irrespective of size. What are the creative ways you promote and market your company? How do you make use of the Internet, digital media, social media, and advertising? What are some examples of media coverage your company has attracted?

Community Award

This category is open to all Chauffeur and Private Hire operators, irrespective of size. The award is to recognise initiatives that have made the wining companies real “local heroes”, working with local community organisations and giving their business a local profile above and beyond that of a mere transport provider. Describe how you work with local councils, organisations, community groups and charities to “go the extra mile” in your local area.

Environmental Award

This category is open to all Chauffeur and Private Hire operators, irrespective of size. “Green” initiatives are an increasingly important aspect of all companies’ activities Describe the environmentally-friendly policies adopted by your company that have made it especially eco-friendly, and explain the positive impact this has had on your overall business.

New-start Business Award

This category is designed to reward a Chauffeur or Private Hire company that has only been operating since January 1, 2014, and can demonstrate a trading record of at least 12 months. We’re looking for a young company that has brought a fresh and innovative approach, which is bringing demonstrable results in a short period of time.

Professional Driver of the Year

This category is open to all Chauffeur and Private Hire operators, irrespective of size. This award is for an individual driver or chauffeur, to be nominated by the operator or employer, who in the employer’s opinion provides the absolute highest standard of service, in terms of driving skills, customer service, personality, ability to represent the company and any other way. The winners will be recognised as “the best of the best” in the professional driving business.

You may download the guidelines as a PDF here.

What you need to do now

Please submit your entries via our interactive website www.prodrivermags.com/qsi-enter. Just click on the categories you want to enter and write or paste your entry text into the text panel. You can upload supporting material via the website too.

Alternatively, you can email your entries to editor@prodrivermags.com by the end of play on Friday, September 29, 2017.

If you would prefer to send hard copy entries by post, please send them to:

Professional Driver QSi Awards,
1c The Courtyard,
Market Square,
Westerham, Kent,
TN16 1AZ

For more information, and details of how to secure a place or a table at the Professional Driver QSi Awards dinner in November, please call 01959 547000