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Addison Lee voted Private Hire Operator of the Year

Addison Lee, the UK’s biggest private hire operator, won two Gold awards and one Silver, including Gold for Private Hire Operator of the Year (80+ vehicles).The company also won the Environment category Gold award for a wide-ranging environmental strategy designed to eliminate wasteful “dead mileage” of its 4,500-car fleet.

Professional Driver magazine editor Mark Bursa said: “Addison Lee is now established as the flag-bearer for our industry’s fight against predators, and its efforts in the past 12 months demonstrate the sort of efforts that are required. From implementing a successful business strategy that has seen the company grow through acquisition and open up an operation in Manchester and at Luton Airport, right down to the minutiae of driver training, Addison Lee is taking a lead.”

The company has become significantly more sustainable, thanks to greener vehicles and a rigorous environmental programme that has sought to eliminate dead mileage. Addison Lee has taken a root-and-branch approach to its green policy, addressing almost every aspect of its business in a bid to become significantly more sustainable. It’s now well on the way to halving its 2008-level carbon emissions by 2020.

Addison Lee also too a Silver award in the Marketing category. Bursa added: “Addison Lee is leveraging its app to grow its customer base via third party operators in other cities. Safety initiatives have cut accidents, and late-night female ridership has grown, proving the company is now one of the most trustworthy. And it has embraced diversity, supporting initiatives such as Pride. Even cyclists, once seen as a problem, are now a specific target audience.”