Department for Transport releases guidelines for fitting safety screens – but leaves responsibility for approval to councils

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The Department for Transport has released long-overdue guidance for the fitment of screens to their vehicles to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The DfT guidance states that fitting a screen can help to reduce the risk of virus transmission and “should be one of a number of measures you consider”, but adds that the decision on whether to use a screen “rests with you and the local licensing authority”.

The guidance states: “Licensing of taxis and PHVs is a local government responsibility. If a licensing authority decides to specify requirements in respect of screens, they are encouraged to consider this guidance in developing their own licensing requirements for the fitment of interior screens to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.”

While complicated, it is to be hoped that the guidance will encourage councils that have been reluctant to approve screens, such as TfL, or those that have been hostile to the concept, such as Wolverhampton, to take a more enlightened approach.

The guidance covers screens that are fitted to vehicles not originally designed to have a screen. It does not cover screens that are included in the vehicle as part of their original design.

To see the full guidance, follow the link