PPE Care Kit




Our premium PPE Care Kits are visible, durable, portable and cost effective.

All Products are CE Mark Certified and FDA Registered.

Our Care Kit includes:

FFP2 Mask

1 x FFP2 Mask – A disposable mask designed to achieve a tight and secure fit with a BFE of 95%

Surgical Type IIR Mask

1 x Surgical Type IIR Mask – Designed to achieve an optimum and comfortable fit, light weight and secure with ear loops with a BFE of 98%

Hand Sanitiser

1 x Hand Sanitiser – A 60ml bottle with 75% alcohol content kills 99.9% of known bacteria & germs.

Anti-bacterial Wipes

1 x Anti-bacterial wipes – 10 pack of 75% alcohol wipes.

Disposable Gloves

1 x Pair of disposable gloves – Latex free, single use. Size large.

Packaging info:

All products are neatly packaged and heat-sealed in a recyclable, high-grade material structure with aluminium providing a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria.

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