Supplier Focus – Chauffeur Rental

By Mark Bursa | 12 March 2015, 12:27

You might recognise Andrew Fowler. In his day job, he’s one of Britain’s best chauffeurs – a silver medallist in the driver of the year category in Professional Driver’s 2013 QSi Awards. But we’re not here to talk about Location Chauffeurs, the chauffeur company he set up with his wife Jane in 1984. We’re here…

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Supplier Focus – Chauffeur Training

By Mark Bursa | 10 February 2015, 09:17

One thing’s certain – you’re always in for an adventure when Steve Sommerfeld and Robert Mroczek are involved. Last time, it was dodging checkpoints and heavy snow in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum, with their chauffeur business, England Limousines. This time, it’s a different mission. I’m picked up outside Waterloo Station by Steve…

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Supplier Profile : Gary Jacobs – DriverTax/Kapla

By Mark Bursa | 19 July 2014, 17:12

You’re seeing a lot less of Gary Jacobs these days – but you’re also seeing a lot more of him. No, we’re not writing Professional Driver in riddles. But the taxi industry financial guru is looking much leaner these days after losing several stone. Now he’s bursting with energy and enjoying gym sessions for the…

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Supplier Focus: South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB)

By Mark Bursa | 8 April 2014, 21:27

Insurance can be a major headache for chauffeurs. It’s not just a case of having to insure a big, expensive car. There’s also the requirement to have the correct cover in pace to cover your customers too if the worst happens. It’s a complicated business for the insurer too, so it’s not surprising that a…

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Chris Brown, Ethos Finance

By Mark Bursa | 5 March 2014, 10:23

Ask any chauffeur about the problems he faces and you can be sure that finance will come somewhere near the top of the list. Chauffeur cars aren’t cheap – but increasingly chauffeurs are facing demands from clients to have the lasts models on strength. Few chauffeurs are cash-rich enough to buy cars without finance –…

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