ProDriver Congress Online 2021

Beyond the passenger – How to build a delivery business 11AM, Thursday, March 11, 2021

We’re launching a series of focused, free webinars to help operators rebuild after Covid-19

We all know how tough the last year has been. The private hire and taxi industry has done its bit – and some – in the Covid-19 crisis, but nobody’s really had our back, with operators and drivers left to fend for themselves. 

Out of this difficult time have come tremendous stories of innovation and renewal, where faced with the choice of sink or swim, innovative operators have free-styled their way to recovery and success.

We’ve reported these stories in Professional Driver over the past months. Now we’re bringing you a chance to find out directly from the innovators, how smart operators have battled through the hard times with new businesses and new approaches, that have helped them survive the pandemic.

Professional Driver is bringing you a series of practical, focused online seminars where you will be able to learn how the brightest companies have survived. You’ll be able to ask them questions about how they did it, and it will show you how you could do something similar.

This is not the time for blue sky thinking or navel-gazing. Each 90-minute webinar will concentrate on a specific topic, and we will invite speakers with relevant hands-on experience and knowledge.

The webinars are free to attend – all delegates have to do is register on the website and we’ll send personalised joining instructions.

Online Congress 1 – Beyond the passenger

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Lockdown means no passengers – but you can keep the fleet moving by turning it into a delivery fleet. If people can’t go out, the things they need have to be brought to them. That means there is huge demand to deliver takeaway food, shopping and parcels. This business is there for the taking – and we’ll be talking to a number of operators that are already building new business divisions from deliveries.

Speakers including:

Dominic Moyes, DG Cars
Matt Young, Shrewsbury Eats
Zoe Walsh, GLH
Safa Alkateb, Autocab
More names to be added

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Looking ahead, we’re looking at other topics for April and May

Online Congress 2 – Replacing business travel

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Lockdown means no airport or railway station runs, and as office workers get used to working from home, those late-night pick-ups may be thin on the ground in the future too. But business has to keep moving, and Covid-19 still presents a serious health risk. With fewer journeys, there is a case for using safer, cleaner cars rather than public transport. We talk to business-focused operators about how they are replacing lost travel, and how they are making sure they provide the safest option for essential journeys.

PD Congress online

Online Congress 3 – Cleaning up the fleet

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The car market may have declined sharply in the past year, but electric vehicle sales have continued to power ahead. As more manufacturers add EVs to their range, increasing umbers of buyers are making the switch. And with environmental pressure from clean air zones and other restrictions being placed on conventional cars, many private hire fleets are now going electric. What do you need to know in order to make an informed decision? How do you choose the right car? And is the infrastructure there?

PD Congress online

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