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The price of the perfect storm – peak pricing, wage inflation and full-time drivers?

By Mark Bursa | 15 October 2021, 13:22

As the pandemic’s stranglehold on normal life gradually loosened, the beleaguered travel sector looked optimistically to September as the month where the comeback truly started. Schools were back, holidays – or staycations – were over, and travel corridors began to come back to life. More planes at airports means some of the lost demand for…

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Uber AA

How Uber and the AA are working together to rethink safety in a time of crisis

By Jamie Heywood, Uber General Manager, Northern and Eastern Europe and Edmund King, AA President | 3 December 2020, 08:06

Uber and the AA are both in the business of helping people travel safely from A to B. This crisis has meant both the AA and Uber have had to prioritise safety more than ever before. As the country once again finds itself in lockdown, Uber is again telling people to stay at home and…

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Autocab Uber

Threat or opportunity? Does Uber’s Autocab takeover signal a much-needed change of direction for the ride-hailing app?

By Mark Bursa | 10 August 2020, 08:37

Uber’s acquisition of Autocab has added another twist to 2020’s plot, and as you might expect, it has been a divisive move as far as the industry is concerned. Many Autocab users reacted badly to the news, with some vowing to ditch Autocab’s dispatch software and switch to another provider. Of course, with Uber a…

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hybrid consultation

Professional Driver’s response to the Government’s consultation on the proposed phase-out of petrol, diesel and hybrid models by 2035

By Mark Bursa | 31 July 2020, 17:14

The consultation on the Government’s proposal to phase out the sale of new petrol, diesel and hybrid models by 2035 rather than 2040 closes today (July 31). As a publication, we are completely in favour of a move toward cleaner vehicles. Our readers operate cars as a public service and undertake higher than average mileages. …

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How Coronavirus and the need for screens has brought the issue of national standards for taxi and private hire into focus

By Mark Bursa | 28 July 2020, 09:18

The lockdown is lifting, shops and bars are reopening and furloughed workers are going back to their offices. The Covid-19 crisis has been extremely challenging, and let’s face it, our industry has been on the front line. And make no mistake – the taxi and private hire sector has paid a terrible price. Not just…

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Sign the Safe Taxi Charter pledge for safety and cleanliness

By Mark Bursa | 28 July 2020, 09:17

How do we ensure levels of safety as business resumes and starts to build up again? It’s clear that much has changed. The taxi and private hire sector remains on the front line – indeed, the Government has now recognised that professional drivers are among the highest risk occupations of all. So how do we…

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