Aberdeen is the city with the lowest risk of road accidents, according to Zego study

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Aberdeen is the British city where you are least likely to have a road accident, a new study by taxi insurance company Zego has found.

Zego analysed ONS data to discover the number of road accidents in each UK city in 2021, both fatal and non-fatal. The number of accidents was calculated per 10,000 people to determine the ranking – with Aberdeen coming out as the clear safest, ahead of Swansea and Stoke.

City RTAs/ 10,000 people

1 Aberdeen 2.78
2 Swansea 6.60
3 Stoke-on-Trent 7.85
4 Dundee 7.97
5 Cardiff 8.16
6 Bath 9.20
7 Glasgow 9.22
8 Edinburgh 9.73
9 Newport 11.09
10 Milton Keynes 11.38

Aberdeen reported the fewest accidents reported in 2021 (59), equating to just 2.79 for every 10,000 people. Indeed, four Scottish cities made the top 10, with Dundee in fourth, Glasgow in seventh and Edinburgh eighth.

Three Welsh cities also made the list – Swansea was second with 6.6 accidents per 10,000p people, while Cardiff and Newport took fifth and ninth places respectively.

Only three English cities made the top 10: Stoke-on-Trent, Bath and Milton Keynes. But at the opposite end of the scale, Doncaster was found to be the city with the greatest risk of accidents, with 36.23 collisions per 10,000 people.

A Zego spokesperson said: “Although the factors that contribute to the safety of driving in these cities isn’t clear, it’s particularly interesting that four cities in Scotland make the list as well as three cities in Wales, suggesting that these countries are the least dangerous in the UK when it comes to road safety.”

“However, while the risk of accidents in these cities is low, there’s still a small chance of a collision. To keep yourself safe, it’s important to stay alert while driving so that you can identify any potential hazards to protect both you and other road users as well as watching out for any warning lights on your dashboard in order to remain in control of your vehicle.”