Darlington Council considers specific shade of red for taxis

Darlington taxi

With the taxi trade struggling to survive the loss of trade resulting from the Covid-19 epidemic, Darlington Borough Council is threatening to add further costs to operators by insisting that taxis are sprayed or wrapped in a particular shade of red.

As part of a review of local taxi licensing policy, it has been suggested that that hackney carriage cabs might have to be a particular shade of post-box red, and has specified a Pantone colour number, 485. The council argues that it will make cabs easier to identify. Currently hackney carriage vehicles in Darlington are red, but the shade of red is not specified. Private hire vehicles licensed by the borough can be any colour except red.

Drivers argue that the vehicle of their choice may not be available in that specific shade of red, limiting their options. The council said they would have to get the cab wrapped in the shade of red required for hackney carriage usage.