EV charging aggregator Bonnet adds 2,000 SureCharge locations to its network

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EV charging aggregator Bonnet has added the SureCharge network to its app, making a further 2,000 charge points available to users.

SureCharge is owned by construction group FM Conway, Its charge points are mainly 5.5kWh lampposts, which are ideal for use by drivers who live in flats or terraced houses without off-street parking.

SureCharge, which was established in 2021, also has some rapid chargers which offer up to 150kWh. Most of its current 2,000 chargers are located in London, though its network is growing quickly across the country.

With the new addition of SureCharge, Bonnet users now have access to 25 networks and more than 150,000 devices across the UK and Europe. Bonnet recently added t MFG EV Power in the UK and the Italian networks Enel X Way and FTX.

Bonnet users can see real-time data on charger availability through its app, ensuring no time is wasted travelling to in-use or damaged charge points. From £2 per month, Bonnet users can also enjoy discounted prices of 10% at all listed chargers through its ‘Boost’ scheme, and 15% discounts under its £8 a month ‘Turbo Boost’ plan, whether they are located in car parks, on streets or at motorway networks.

Patrick Reich, CEO and co-founder of Bonnet, said: “SureCharge from FM Conway is a natural partner for Bonnet as we both share the same mission to deliver an accessible and reliable charging experience for all drivers, wherever they are using rapid devices or on-street lamp posts.”