Free rapid charging for taxis and PHVs under new £300,000 Bromsgrove charge point scheme

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Thirteen electric vehicle charging points are to be installed in the West Midlands town of Bromsgrove after the council signed a deal with energy provider Engie.

The points will offer 100% renewable energy for all EV drivers, and charging will be free for taxis and private hire vehicles for the first year. There will be a 75% discount for years two to five and a 50% reduction after that for the trade.

The move supports Bromsgrove district council’s Ultra Low Emission Vehicles Strategy, launched in 2019. The new points, which will offer 50kW+ rapid charging. will be on the GeniePoint Network, will be installed by BMM Energy Solutions before the end of 2020.

Bromsgrove District Council successfully won £300,000 in funding for the provision of EV charging under the Government’s Ultra Low Emission Taxi Infrastructure Scheme and supporting the switch to clean transportation is a major part of the council’s drive for cleaner air in the community.

Cllr Margaret Sherrey said: “Now we can get the ball rolling to develop and implement clean transport options for our residents as well as giving EV users from elsewhere in the UK the opportunity to stop or visit Bromsgrove to ‘recharge their batteries.”

All the chargers will be pay-as-you-go and offer contactless credit or debit card payments. For the public, the tariff will be £0.28p/kWh.