Herts Cars adds first two electric MG5 estate cars as start of transition to all-EV fleet

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Radlett-based Herts Cars has taken delivery of two all-electric MG5 estate cars as the start of a transition to a fully zero-emissions fleet.

Managing director Muhammad Qureshi said the company had a pre-Covid fleet of 150 cars, and by the time business returns to 2019 levels, he plans to have swapped his entire fleet for EVs. “Hopefully within three years we will be completely electric,” he said.

The deal to take the two MGs was set up by Ram Automotive, which specialises in putting together finance packages for taxi and private hire operators looking to source EV or PHEV cars. The cars were supplied by local MG dealer Bushey Heath Garage.

Qureshi said the MG5 was ideal for the sort of work Herts Cars carries out. “Before Covid we were doing more than 100 airport runs a day for business clients.” The MG5 has a range of 215 miles on a single charge in normal mode, and with eco mode engaged, this rises to around 270 miles – enough for a day’s work or more. “We wanted an affordable car, and it looks the business too,” Qureshi added.

Under the deal, drivers rent the cars on a rent-to-buy scheme from Herts Cars. After the end of three years, the drivers keep the car. “These cars are eco-friendly and there is a saving of £120-200 a week for the driver in fuel costs alone,” Qureshi said. In addition, the cars are London Congestion Charge exempt, giving a further £15 a day saving for drivers travelling to Central London.

Charge point supplier Electric Blue is fitting a twin-socket rapid charge point next to Herts Cars’ office at Radlett Station, and the drivers will be able to charge the cars there for free. Electric Blue is installing rapid chargers across Hertfordshire, as local councils in the county want to encourage EV use. The rapid chargers will allow a full recharge in 40 minutes.

Qureshi also said there were charge points in Tesco and Asda car parks and some Shell forecourts, so drivers without off-road parking at home will easily be able to find places to recharge.

Electric Blue is running an initiative called Herts 2025, aimed at increasing the uptake of zero emission EVs within the taxi industry. The initiative provides discounts to operators such as Herts Cars looking to go electric, and is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme 2014-2020.