Jyrney partners with Safety as a Standard to focus on taxi travel duty of care issues

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Last-mile travel booking platform Jyrney has announced a partnership with Safety as a Standard to support improved safety across private hire and taxi journeys. The two organisations will collaborate on driver training, supplier audits and technology.

The first-of-its-kind partnership will strengthen Jyrney’s core proposition to ensure taxi journeys are safer for its clients.

Jyrney was launched last year by former Cabfind executive Daniel Price. It connects travel and transport businesses with a network of ground transport providers via proprietary technology.

Jyrney integrates directly with travel and transport companies to provide customers access to ground transport within their usual booking environment. This brings thousands of vehicles into a single platform via an API.

Safety as a Standard (SaaS), is a consultancy that promotes, enhances, monitors, and audits safety standards for companies within the private hire and taxi industry. It runs training courses and programmes designed to help operators understand key issues such as, sexual harassment, safeguarding, mental health awareness, LGBTQ+ awareness and data protection.

Jyrney CEO Daniel Price said: “Jyrney works with transport and travel companies to offer connective ground transport options for their customers’ passengers. Duty of care for these taxi trips is often overlooked, and while our solution already offers a fully audited and managed supply chain, working with Safety as a Standard enables us to set new benchmarks for safety expectations. We welcome our taxi partners working with Safety as a Standard to provide enhanced safety across the industry.”

Dacian Keran, CEO of Safety as a Standard, said: “Our mission is to improve the safety experience of passengers and drivers when travelling in private hire vehicles and taxis. Working with Jyrney and their supplier network helps us to accelerate our positive impact on the trade.”

As part of the partnership SaaS will work with Jyrney to enhance its supplier audit, ensuring that drivers and taxi companies have the right level of support to provide the highest levels of safety. SaaS will also provide free safety talks and discounts to Jyrney’s network of operators.

Taxi operators who are interested in joining the Jyrney network can register here: