Minicabit launches free NHS rides fund aimed to help smaller towns and cities

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Taxi comparison app Minicabit has launched a charity initiative in partnership with The Fishmongers Charitable Trust to enable the public to fund free cabs for frontline NHS staff.

The charity allows anyone to donate to a fund, a with the money raised being used to buy free rides to take NHS workers and from their hospitals anywhere in the UK.

Minicabit founder Amer Hasan (pictured) said: “We are delighted to report that we’ve already attracted over £100,000 to enable free trips to and from over 1,000 hospitals and hospices, UK-wide. I’m pleased to see NHS staff signing up in cities such as London, Birmingham, Leicester, and also in smaller towns and cities such as Eastbourne, Dundee and Norwich, which speaks to the power of our UK wide reach.

Addison Lee and Uber have also launched initiatives for London and bigger cities, our fund enables much longer trips for nurses and key workers in the smaller towns or suburbs, not just the very largest cities. This is also a shot in the arm for private hire operators large and small, many of which are keen for work in these uncertain times.”