New EV charging trade body ChargeUK pledges to double UK network by year end

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Eighteen of the biggest electric vehicle charging companies have joined forces to form a new UK trade association called ChargeUK, with a goal of doubling the size of the charging network by the end of 2023.

ChargeUK, backed by major players including BP Pulse, Shell Recharge, Osprey, Ionity and Gridserve, will serve as the representative body for the UK’s EV charging industry. It will work with government and other stakeholders to help shape policies and regulations to help grow the UK’s charge point infrastructure.

Ian Johnston, head of Osprey (pictured), will serve as the chair of the new trade body. He said: “The formation of ChargeUK is an exciting day and is a demonstration of the electric vehicle charging industry’s growing size and importance to the UK economy. Together we are investing billions of pounds to get more charge points in the ground right across the country. These numbers reinforce our commitment to the UK’s Net Zero future.”

“We will continue to be a proactive partner to the Government as we deliver a world-class charging infrastructure, giving the nation’s drivers confidence to transition to electric vehicles.”

Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus EV, said: “Charging infrastructure is the key to the EV revolution, and it’s great to see government and industry come together to supercharge the roll out. The Government has set the direction and investors are pumping in much needed capital. With over 23,000 public charging locations and rapid chargers almost doubling every year, UK drivers can enjoy the benefits of EVs: tech-on-wheels with low-cost fuel.”

The launch of ChargeUK was welcomed by transport decarbonisation and technology minister Jesse Norman. He said: “The launch of ChargeUK shows how industry working together, alongside the Government, can release private investment, improve delivery, raise standards and promote the use of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for drivers across the country.

“Our commitment to decarbonising transport, backed by hundreds of millions in funding, has helped to unlock private sector investment, and the ambitious plans of ChargeUK’s members will support more people than ever to make the transition to EVs.”

The 18 founder firms behind ChargeUK are Be.EV, Believ, BP pulse,, ChargePoint, Connected Kerb, ESB, Equans, Evyve, Fastned, Gridserve, Ionity, Mer, Osprey, Pod Point, PoGo Charge, Shell Recharge and Raw Charging. These companies have committed to a combined investment of more than £6 billion by 2030, which will fund “tens of thousands” of new chargers.