Taxi drivers can continue working during latest Covid-19 lockdown, Government confirms

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Taxi and private hire drivers can continue working during the Coronavirus lock-down, the Department for Transport has confirmed.

Yesterday, taxi licensing authorities demanded urgent clarification from the Government as to whether taxi and private hire drivers were classified as key workers.

Paul Elliott, DfT policy adviser, buses & taxis division, told local councils: “Taxis and private hire vehicles can continue to work. But the advice is absolutely clear: people should stay at home if possible. That is the way to save lives and protect our NHS. The public should avoid travel unless absolutely essential. The only reasons to leave our houses are set out in the government guidance.”

“Clearly if absolutely necessary to travel by taxi or private hire vehicle, best efforts should be used to follow the guidance as far as is practically possible, including washing your hands as soon as you get home.

He added: “Taxi and private hire drivers should not generally be considered Critical Workers. Those undertaking Home to School transport or the transport of ‘extremely vulnerable’ people may be considered Critical Workers on a case-by-case basis.

“Critical Workers should also whenever possible make suitable arrangements for their children to stay at home; requests for children to attend school should be discussed with the school.”