Uber adds data privacy section for drivers and passengers to app

Autocab Uber

Uber has added new data privacy features to its app, to help users understand and control how the ride-hailing giant uses their data.

The new Uber Privacy Centre is an in-app hub, located in the settings menu of the Uber Rider, Driver, and Eats apps. The Privacy Centre includes a number of features, including:

Privacy Overview, which describes Uber’s approach to collecting and using personal data, answers users’ most frequent questions and shows how Uber uses each of the types of data that it collects.

Download Your Data, which allows users to download a copy of personal information that Uber collects when they use it.

Explore Your Data, which provides a summary of each user’s use of Uber apps, including how long they’ve been an Uber user, number of trips and orders, rating, and account profile information.

View as Driver, which shows riders the information seen by their drivers so they can be confident that Uber is sharing only what is necessary to enable their ride.

View What Powers Your Experience, which shows riders how Uber uses their data to enable each step in their trips.

Personalised Ads and Data Settings, which allow users to choose how Uber uses their data for targeted advertising and analytics.

Uber Eats and Postmates Ad Settings, which allow users to choose how we personalise ads within the Uber Eats and Postmates apps.

“We’ve made privacy a shared responsibility of all employees and maintain a robust privacy review process that applies throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, feature, or program,” Uber said in a statement.