Uber launches Local Cab in Peterborough – in competition with its own services

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Peterborough has become the first UK city in which Uber has launched its Local Cab service alongside its own, company-run services.

Anyone opening the Uber app in the city can select the Local Cab option, alongside regular Uber-operated UberX and UberXL options.

Local Cab trips will be passed to two Peterborough operators, Goldstar Diamond Cars and A2B Euro Cars, and all subsequent support will be provided by them.

Jamie Heywood, Uber’s regional general manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, said: “Peterborough will be among the first cities in England where riders can access both UberX and Local Cab in the same app. This will help maximise earnings opportunities for drivers while giving passengers in Peterborough more choice, meaning that everyone will benefit. We’re looking forward to launching Local Cab in more UK towns and cities soon.”

The arrival of Uber’s new Local Cab product in Peterborough follows a series of previous launches in towns and cities across the UK, including Northampton and Norwich.

Faz Ali, manager at Goldstar Diamond Cars, said: “We look forward to making Local Cab available to the people of Peterborough. We feel that now, more than ever, a product like Local Cab is needed – with demand for taxis continuing to rise and passengers in need of more options.”

Nigel Clipston, operations manager at A2B Euro Cars, said: “We’re making it quicker and easier for people to get around Peterborough, connecting more passengers with taxi drivers via the Uber app. The partnership is also enabling us to provide further job opportunities to our drivers.”

The Local Cab service works by integrating the Uber app with Autocab’s iGo network, which has the potential to connect passengers with 80,000 private hire and taxi drivers in the UK. Local Cab has already launched in 23 towns and cities across the UK since its pilot in May 2021. Uber bought Autocab in 2020.