Addison Lee partners with PostTag to provide more accurate location selection

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Addison Lee has integrated precision location service provider PostTag into its address search tools to help pinpoint pick-up and drop-off addresses more accurately.

PostTag’s address search tools will complement Addison Lee’s existing in-house allocation technology to improve the performance of this critical element of the booking process.

PostTag uses multiple databases to find a customer’s location and sends a latitude/longitude reference to the dispatch system, which PostTag says is easier to use than letter-combination systems such as What Three Words.

Paul Yewman, CEO of PostTag, said: “Today close enough is no longer good enough. With approximately 60% of all UK addresses being at least a football field away from where a satnav system takes you, PostTag cuts down on wasted time, wasted miles and CO2 emissions by delivering the drivers precisely where they need to be – first time.”

“And as Addison Lee are at the forefront of the move to electric vehicles, this precision reduces range anxiety and helps make the transition to EV seamless.

Addison Lee’s electric fleet was scheduled to hit 1,000 vehicles by the end of last month. Addison Lee COO Patrick Gallagher said: “In the 47 years Addison Lee has been operating in London we have seen the city change beyond comparison. Location accuracy is a huge part of this and Addison Lee has invested in its own technology to ensure we are a leader in mobility. This partnership with PostTag is the next stage in location precision as our drivers navigate the continuing changes to the capital’s road network.”