Uber to integrate its driver app with Apple CarPlay system

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Uber drivers who use an Apple iPhone will be able to use Apple CarPlay to run the Uber app directly from their car’s dashboard, according to reports in the technology media.

Tech website TechCrunch claims to have seen an email sent to Uber drivers, which tells them they will be able to run the Uber app on their car dashboards via CarPlay, effectively meaning they would no longer need to have a separate phone app running as well as a sat-nav.

CarPlay enables a car radio or head unit to be a display and controller for an iOS device. Uber drivers will be able to connect their dashboard to the Uber app by firstly opening the app on their iPhone and tapping ‘Go’ to go online. They must then connect their iPhone to their car via cable or wirelessly to launch CarPlay. Drivers can then use CarPlay to view and accept trips, navigate the Uber app, and add rides to their queued trips.

According to Apple, every major car manufacturer offers models that support Car Play or is planning on introducing them.