Government launches consultation on taxi database

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Defra has launched a consultation on plans to create a central national database to help local authorities identify taxis and private hire vehicles.

This will help local authorities enforce charging in Clean Air Zones, even if the taxi or PHV has been licensed in a different area. Defra also said that the consultation, which closes on November 2, will help the department to decide if the creation of a centralised database to enforce CAZ is the correct approach.

The database will also require local authorities in England and Wales to share certain details on licensed taxis and PHVs to a central database and will aim to distinguish taxis and PHVs from regular cars.

Under the proposals, when a vehicle enters or moves within a charging CAZ, its number plate will be detected and this information will then be checked against the central taxi and PHV database which will interact with the wider charging infrastructure being developed for charging Clean Air Zones.

The consultation can be accessed here: