Hartlepool taxis set to stay yellow after consultation rejects change proposals

Pd Website News Wednesday Hartlepool

Hackney carriages in Hartlepool are set to remain yellow after a consultation about changing the colour to white, black or silver.

But the consultation revealed that the majority of people wanted the yellow colour to remain, said Tony Hanson, assistant director for environment & neighbourhood services on Hartlepool Borough Council.

In a report, Hanson wrote:  “The council has previously decided that one way that it can protect the travelling public is to ensure that hackney carriage vehicles are easily recognisable and distinguishable from other vehicles. Taking into account all of the above matters, it is proposed that the revised Taxi Licensing Policy, retains the current requirement that hackney carriages be yellow.”

During the consultation, 61% of the 93 hackney carriage owners who responded said they would prefer Hartlepool’s colour scheme to remain yellow, with 15% wanting change. In a council online survey, 71% of the 827 members of the public said they wanted Hartlepool’s hackney carriages to stay yellow.

The initial request to change the colour came from a petition from 60 hackney vehicle owners, who wanted to avoid the cost of a respray.