StreetCars continues Manchester consolidation move with ScottsCars acquisition

streetcars Aqeel Arshad

Manchester’s largest private hire operator, StreetCars, has acquired local competitor ScottsCars, based in Hale, adding a further 200 cars to its fleet.

The move, the latest sign of consolidation in the private hire sector as it starts to recover from the Covid-19 crisis, increases the dominance of multiple QSiAward-winning Street Cars in the local market.

In a statement, StreetCars managing director Aqeel Arshad said: “StreetCars is elated to report we have taken over the well-known and successful local taxi firm ScottsCars. Not only have we effectively added 200-plus cars to our fleet in a single move, but we are now in a position to serve the Manchester community more efficiently than we have ever had the power to do before. The resources this initiates into our possession will ensure we remain a cut above the industry.”

StreetCars has kept working throughout the pandemic, transporting key NHS workers to and from hospitals and, like a number of other big fleets, diversifying into food.

Previously StreetCars’ growth had been organic, including the major 2019 win of the Manchester Airport contract. Arshad continued: “Over the past few years our business has expanded exponentially, driven by the hard work of every single one of our staff members, drivers and of course, customers. We at StreetCars have a lot of pride over the fact that we got where we are organically. We planted these trees with our own hands and we have nurtured the saplings long enough to enjoy the shade they provide.”

In a statement. Scotts Cars said: “After so much success serving our local community, we are now being taken care of and managed by another more established taxi company, StreetCars. With our shared values and commitment to local areas, this next step for Scotts Cars will mean we can serve our communities better than ever.”