Advert Placements

By pagehub | 30 October 2017, 16:03

Advert Dimensions   Max File Size JPG/GIF/PNG   3rd Party Javascript Tag Initial Load Top 1140 x 176 150k 150k Main Top 780 x 200 150k 150k MPU 300 x 250 150k 150k DMPU 300 x 600 150k 150k Small Skyscraper   120 x 600 150k 150k All banners can be animated and 3rd party javascript adverts should…

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Advertisement Terms and Conditions

By pagehub | 18 August 2017, 08:00

1)  The terms and conditions outlined by Pro Driver Media Ltd apply to all advertisements that have been accepted for publishing unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Publisher. 2)  The Publisher reserves the right to refuse / omit / suspend any advertisement deemed unfit for its readers, in which case no claim on the…

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By pagehub | 15 May 2015, 13:49


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Terms and Conditions

By pagehub | 7 February 2014, 09:48

Terms & Conditions of Use This is  (the “Website”) a website operated by Pro Driver Media Ltd, a company that is registered in the UK (company number 7086172) and with a registered address at 1e The Courtyard, Market square,Westerham kent TN16 1AZ (VAT Registration Number is 982607101).  For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions,…

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