Advertisement Terms and Conditions

1)  The terms and conditions outlined by Pro Driver Media Ltd apply to all advertisements that have been accepted for publishing unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Publisher.

2)  The Publisher reserves the right to refuse / omit / suspend any advertisement deemed unfit for its readers, in which case no claim on the part of any advertiser for breach of contract or damages will apply.

3)  The Publisher retains the right to amend the space, date, position of any insertion; however the advertisers will have the right to cancel the insertion in question if unacceptable, unless such changes are beyond the publisher’s control.

4)  The Publisher will not compensate for the non-appearance of advertisements nor will the publisher be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the advertiser as a result in any failure of distribution. In the event of any misprint or error appearing in an advertisement due to publisher error the publisher will offer to reinsert the advertisement.

5)  All cancellations must be made in writing to the publisher 6 weeks prior to the advertised copy deadline.

6)  Cancellation of series bookings before the agreed terms will result in the advertiser relinquishing any right to that series discount, and a surcharge being applied for the appropriate rate on the advertisements that have already been published, except in the circumstances set out in Claus 3.

7)  All credit accounts must be settled in accordance within the terms shown on the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing by the publisher.

8)  The publisher reserves the right to charge the rate agreed to the advertiser on all inserts that that fail to arrive at the agreed time or place for insertion. Should the insertion be different in weight or size to that of the agreed insert will result in a charge to the advertiser of the difference between the rate agreed and the final cost.

9)  Late payment of final invoices (over 30 days) from date of invoice will incur a 25% penalty charge against the total advertising spend.