BMW Group launches one-stop EV charging packages for BMW and Mini customers

BMW charging

BMW Group has launched two monthly subscription packages for BMW and Mini EV drivers who make frequent use of public charging facilities.

The new BMW Charging and MINI Charging services mean customers can charge their cars at more than 11,000 charging points across the UK, as well as 173,000 charge points across Europe, all accessed via a single RFID card or app.

The current network includes a number of leading charge point operators, including BP Pulse (including ChargeYourCar), ESB, Osprey, Source London and Chargepoint Network UK (including InstaVolt) and others. High-power charging stations via Ionity are also part of the BMW Charging network.

Combined, this gives drivers access to over 8,500 AC and 1,500 DC charging points across the UK, plus a further 162,000 AC and 11,000 DC charging points across Europe.
BMW or Mini Charging customers can register for a pay-as-you-go flex tariff, which provides the driver with access to all included network operators using a single charge card, without the need for a monthly membership or subscription to each individual operator. Customers simply pay each month for the charging they have used.

BMW and Mini Charging offer two additional monthly subscription packages with individual networks. The BP Pulse package (£7.85 per month) offers customers preferential pricing per/kWh when charging at over 5,500 bp pulse charging points. Customers using up to 22kW AC pay just £0.12 per kWh, up to 43kW AC or 50kW DC is £0.15 per kWh, and up to 150kW DC at £0.27 per kWh.

For drivers who use the Ionity charging network, the Ionity Plus package (£11.30 per month) provides access to a preferential rate of just £0.26 per kWh, saving drivers £0.43 per kWh compared to the pay-as-you-go rate when using up to 350kW DC charging.

Customers who purchase a new electric or plug-in hybrid BMW or Mini are offered the BP Pulse package for 12 months without subscription fee. BMW customers who purchase a new BMW iX3 or iX vehicle are also eligible for the Ionity Plus package for 12 months, without subscription fee.

Drivers can see a breakdown of their charging history and fees using the App or at the new BMW or Mini Charging website, with the cost of completed charging sessions and any optional package subscriptions invoiced monthly.