Bolt aims to speed up EV transition with new head of electrification role

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Bolt is looking to recruit a head of electrification in a bid to speed up the switch to electric cars.

The new global role will focus on growing the share of EVs in the Bolt fleet across 45 countries in Europe and Africa.

Bolt says EV adoption is three times higher among private hire drivers than general motorists, but barriers remain to achieving full transition, notably in the cost of vehicles and the availability of charging infrastructure.

The new head of electrification will look to introduce incentives, education and support for Bolt drivers and fleet owners who want to start using an EV or PHEV.

Paddy Partridge, VP rides, Bolt, said: “Bolt has seen demand for EVs and plug-in hybrids grow among drivers in recent years, attracted by cost benefits and increased accessibility to city centres.”

“However, barriers to EV adoption remain; they deliver a limited range and drivers must be confident in the charging infrastructure, particularly rapid charging, to ensure they can complete a full range of jobs and operators such as ourselves need to share data with public authorities to ensure this is in place.”

“We see our responsibility to be a partner to drivers in navigating this change; and to make sure this is as successful a switch as possible. Our new head of electrification will be the key person within Bolt to deliver that programme and I would urge anyone motivated to change our cities to apply.”